Raheli Kory RD

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It's no wonder our lives revolve around food -  food comforts us, motivates us, excites us and most importantly, nourishes us! No matter how appealing the latest diet fad, health trend, or miracle food may sound, the key to achieving a healthy body and a happy life is learning to build a sustainable lifelong relationship with food. No more cleanses, shots of celery juice, or fat burning supplements. Just real, whole, nutritious food - and even a glass (or two) of wine. We're here to help you create a sustainable, realistic plan that allows you to eat food that's not only good for you, but also tastes good! (Crazy concept, we know).


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Healthy shouldn't mean flavorless. Raheli's main goal is to help you find a balance between eating food that's good for you, while still tasting good! Check out her full bio to learn more about her background and her food philosophy. 

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Looking for some nutrition guidance? Whether it be food sensitivities, disease management/prevention, weight loss, or just general healthy eating guidance, Raheli is here to help! Check out her services available and get started today!

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Curious about how to fuel before and after a workout, if coffee is bad for you, or what protein bar you should be eating? Check out Raheli's blog post and follow her on Instagram to get the latest tips on recipes and nutrition research!